About Us
Windham MMA Club is not a competition fight team. We are a group of professional men who do MMA training as a way of life, and train in a private (in house) dojo on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 – 5:30. We focus on hard core Vale Tudo training, including: boxing, Muay thai, BJJ, wrestling, and ground and pound. We practice a variety of drills to develop these skills, as well as integrating them into whatever phase of the fight they are most effective. The training is intense, and demands a high level of physical fitness and pain tolerance. We attempt to do realistic full contact training in a safe environment to avoid injuries, and especially the brain damage that often results from pugilistic sports. Although not for everyone, we believe that MMA training is one of the most rewarding and stimulating forms of exercise you can do. There are few workouts that compare with it, and the confidence, physical fitness benefits, and discipline that are developed spill over into many other activities of your daily life.

 The Instructor

 Wendell Stewart has over 40 years of combative martial arts experience, and has been an avid student of “the fight game” since 1975. Past experience includes Tae Kwon Do (NE AAU champion 1979, 1980), competitive kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, and BJJ. Wendell has trained with a variety of renowned marital artists including Cesar Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Dan Inosanto, Joe Maffei (a student of Rickson Gracie and Paul Vunak), Jae Hun Kim, Peter Murphy, Jean Yves Theriault, John Prevatt, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, and Bill Clark.

 Who Should Join

 This class is limited to 8 participants. You must be mature (preferably over 30), responsible, in good physical shape - with some martial arts, boxing or wrestling background, and respectful of the others that you train with. We are looking for people who are interested in serious training as a way of life, and are willing to push themselves past the point where most people quit. Members must conduct themselves as gentlemen – in the true tradition of the martial arts. Although our focus is not on MMA competition, you have the opportunity to develop all the necessary skills to excel in competitive fighting.

As this is a club and not a “school,” there is no monthly fee. There is a $100 annual membership fee payable at your second workout (the first is complimentary to be sure you are interested in this type of training). Many people who watch the UFC or other MMA events think they want to train for MMA, but then find out that the training is tougher than they thought. We also share in the occasional cost of new equipment or training aids.

 Contact Us

Contact us at                                       to see if there are any openings. We are located in Windham, NH, but as the club is located in a private residence you must first contact us by e-mail, and we’ll set up a time for you to observe a class or try one out.

Photography by Details By DiFranco - www.detailsbydifranco.com 

Hans H. on route to a TKO victory against a Special Forces Soldier in the finals of the US Army Combatives Tournament - after only 6 months of MMA training.
Update. In the next tournament Hans took first place, and won the final match by rear naked choke in round 3. He now qualifies to compete in the US Army National Combatives Championship.

Way to go Hans!